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21 Jul 2019

Woodside summer show

Katy debuted her new freestyle with Scout for a 66.5%

17 Jun 2019

Arab Regional Finals

Robyn and Jackie dominated Arab regionals, winning 3rd level with a 67.7%

2 Jun 2019

New home at Wyvern Farm

Barglow Dressage moved to our new home at Wyvern Farm today, and I couldn't be more thrilled. The barn is beautiful, the horse care impeccable, and the atmosphere fantastic!

29 Apr 2019
Square halt for Katy and scout
Square halt for Katy and scout

April Yarra Yarra

Scout was his usual unicorn self, earning a 65.6% in the I1, with potential for much more.

Erin made her PSG debut with Brady and earned a score towards her silver medal, making her officially an FEI rider. Robyb and her Jackie won a big 3rd level class against warmbloods with a 64% and qualified for Arab regionals. Madison had her 3rd level debut in her first show with her Cosette, and Stephanie and Gabe had a great first show together, with two solid first level rides, scoring 65% from 2 judges towards her bronze medal.

8 Apr 2019

Christian Garweg clinic

Katy and Scout find a new gear in half pass!

2 Apr 2019

Fun photo collage of the evolution of a dressage horse. Scout at 6 M (😶), 6 year, 9 year, and now.

1 Apr 2019

Greenville Equestrian Center show

An I1 debut and a 66% in the PSG for Katy and Scout.

Robyn and Jackie made their 3rd level debuts, and Erin and Brady scored 65% at their 2nd show at 4th level

25 Feb 2019

Christian Garweg clinic

Fancy prancing!

24 Feb 2019

Barglow Dressage Holiday Party

Better late than never!🤣

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