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Yarra Yarra March Show

In spite of the truly terrible weather, Nila and Skyler had their best outing yet at the FEI Jr tests, scoring 64 and 65% with lovely comments from the judge. Lisa and Brady showed I1 for the first time in the snaffle, showing much improved self carriage and balance in spite of a few costly mistakes. Katy and Stoney had some highlights to their Grand Prix ride and learned more about what works in the warmup. And we came home only moderately soaked through and with happy and sound horses!

Stoney in piaffe

Yarra Yarra February Show

Katy and Stoney earned another qualifying score at Grand Prix, in spite of some errors and a reduction in quality from the (fabulous!) warmup. Katy is very pleased with Stoney's progress.

Nila and Skyler showed a solid improvement in the FEI Jr tests, about 2% better than three weeks ago, scoring 61.7%.

Lisa and Ari made a big step forward today, showing significantly better collection, connection, and engagement today. Some technical issues lowered the score, but they still earned the 2nd score at 4th level for Lisa's USDF silver medal!

Entering the ring
More stoney piaffe
Stoney in the canter zigzag
Two Stoneys in passage!
Lisa and Ari ready to rock

New Dressage Court

The dressage court at fairmont is set!

All set up!

Barn Move

After almost 7 years at Max Ranch, Barglow Dressage settled into their new home today at the Fairmont Riding Club.

New tack trunk covers
Stoney and skyler admiring the view!
Beautiful day! It waited until we were finished to start hailing...
Stoney in extended trot

Yarra Yarra Jan show

Katy and Charlene's Silverstone ("Stoney") did a solid Grand Prix today for @ 62.6%, making him an official Grand Prix horse!

Nila and Skyler debuted at the FEI Jr level, with some mistakes (like the lovely two tempis up the centerline, not called for in this test!) but scores in the 60s. Lisa and Ari rode 4th level with some lovely highlights (including the medium-collect-medium in the trot and half passes in the canter.

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