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It was a cold but beautiful day to get the horses out of the ring to school in the field. Got to take advantage of green grass while it lasts!

Ivetta and Dovey

Schooling at home

The weather has been beautiful and Katy had some fun taking pictures of everyone one Saturday.

Erin and WallE
Christi and Nico
Christi and Galahad
Madison and WallE
Ian and Barbi!

Yarra Yarra February

Nila and Skyler opened the season by winning a big PSG class and earning the highest FEI score of the show.


FEI Trainers Conference

Katy and three of her upper level students attended the FEI trainers conference in Del Mar and spent a fabulous 2 days learning from the best in the sport.


Katy is officially an "R" judge!

This means that she can now judge through 4th level at recognized shows. Katy is now working towards her "S" license, the top National judges level.

Link to the Dressage Foundation article by Katy on the program.


Barglow Dressage Holiday Party 2017!

And a good time was had by all. 

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